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Shiatsu for Emotions (Shiatsu Emocional) Workshop – Creete, Greece on November


The aim of the seminar/workshop is to teach the essence of Eastern wisdom to a select group of people who wish to improve their emotional stability, rethink the course of their lives, find peace and inner balance and positively influence everyone around them. For Shiatsu / bodyworker practitioners the seminar is a powerful tool that optimizes their work and deeply integrates body and emotion in just one session.

Shiatsu is a therapy based on the holistic system of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It originated in Japan and is practiced in many parts of the world.

“Shiatsu for Emotions” is a journey through the senses which brings meaning to energetic theories. It is a Shiatsu method focusing on emotional processes and development.

This method relates Traditional Chinese Medicine principles used by Shiatsu to modern psychology theories and addresses the psychosomatic issues of Shiatsu. Its objective is to provide an in-depth study of the relationships between energetic channels and emotions and bring harmony and balance to both the recipient and its practitioner. Shiatsu for Emotions teaches different mechanisms of diagnosis and contributes towards therapies and holistic approaches.

It is recommended to all professionals who work with TCM, Shiatsu, as well as any other health professions, such as body therapists who wish to see beyond the physical horizon, psychologists who want to use a physical approach and to any one else wishing to broaden their knowledge and consequently have an improved quality of life.

Arnaldo V. Carvalho, who is the president of the Brazilian Association of Shiatsu is a body therapist and naturopath from Brazil. He is the creator of the SHEM method and the author of “Shiatsu Emocional”. He has been practicing Shiatsu for 17 years and teaching Shiatsu for Emotions in Brazil as well as in the USA, Spain, Portugal, Argentina and Panama since 2004.

For more information about Arnaldo V. Carvalho and Shiatsu for Emotions, please check the following links: and


Theoretical foundations:

  • Brief introduction and comparative analysis of: TCM, Shiatsu, Reichian Theories, general psychotherapy

  • The beginning of life: Principles of human development

    • how physical, emotional and energetic structures are constructed, why and how everything is interconnected

    • how this architecture influences the present and what to do with it

  • The meridians, emotions, somatic segments and its armours, and how to deal with them. Relations between the meridians and the somatic segments

  • The conscious and unconscious:

    • how to use the mind during Shiatsu

    • principles of dream interpretation in Shiatsu

  • Verbal and Non- Verbal communication in the therapeutic process:

    • how to use speech and touch in a single method.

    • how to bring out repressed memories and emotions

The Practice of Emotional Shiatsu:

  • Basic Shiatsu and how to turn it into an emotional process

  • The emotional touch

  • Healing breathing for the meridians

  • Selection of smart work routines

  • Dealing with the muscular armour of the character

  • Dealing with emerging psychic contents

  • Dealing with difficult emotions and catharsis

Work strategies for various emotional and psychosomatic problems

The olfactory world and its relations with the meridians: treatment strategies using aromas and essential oils

*The seminar will be in English with Greek translation if necessary.

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